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GEOSS CSR Version 3.2.1: Single Standards/Special Arrangements Association/Multiple Form Registration

March 2, 2014

CSR v3.2.1 combines "Classification" and "Supportive" standards into a single "Standards/Special Arrangements" to associate with the resource to be registered. These "Standards/Special Arrangements" are either optional or mandatory based on "Resource Category" selected. Furthermore, the new version also highlights multi-form registration system for easy navigation and registration of the resource.

The Center for Spatial Information Science and Systems (CSISS), George Mason University

GEOSS Component and Service Registry (CSR)

---A platform to contribute your resource to GEOSS community

The Components and Services Registry (CSR) is similar to a library catalogue. Resource providers of governments and organisations could register their resources in CSR through providing essential details about the name, contents, Earth observation vocabulary, standards and special arrangements (if any) of their contribution. This assists the GEOSS Clearinghouse, and ultimately the user, to identify the GEOSS resources of interest.

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