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To select a GEO affiliation of the contributing organization: select a node () from the GEO Plenary list and click "Select this GEO Affiliation" button to designate the Member or Particpating Organization offering this component. Once a GEO affiliation of the contributing organization is selected, its name will be displayed in the "Selected Contributing Organization(s)" list. You may select more than one Member or Particpating Organization.

To delete an selected GEO affiliation of the contributing organization: click the "Delete" button at the right of the GEO affiliation of the contributing organization name you want to delelte from the "Selected Contributing Organization(s)" list.

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(This public search page is provided as a convenience to allow users to browse and search the GEOSS Component and Service Registry. The information found here is intended to assist software developers and data integrators in identifying registered GEO resources at a high level. The information stored in this Registry is used by the GEOSS Clearinghouse to develop a more comprehensive list of GEO Resources. The GEOSS Web Portal candidates are required to support search into detailed Clearinghouse and Registry resources.)