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Resource Basic Information
  Resource Id: urn:geoss:csr:resource:urn:uuid:ffdbf817-1fcd-473c-880e-c5d4e1b7ff14
  Name: TITAN Client
  Abbreviation: TITAN
  Description: The freely downloadable ERDAS TITAN Client includes the Geospatial Instant Messenger (GeoIM) and ERDAS TITAN Viewer. The GeoIM enables users and communities to publish and consume geospatial data and web services. The ERDAS TITAN Viewer allows you to create location-based content and build a 3D interactive presentation space.
  GEO Member or Participating Organisation :
Not a GEO Member or Participating Organization
  Responsible Organisation: ERDAS Inc.
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Resource Contact Information
  Contact Name: Amy Zeller
  Contact Email:
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