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  Resource Id: urn:geoss:csr:resource:urn:uuid:ea135a30-c7f0-417f-83c3-ed2f3d33af6f
  Name: BHOOSAMPADA- An Information Portal of ISRO
  Abbreviation: LULC Mapping using Multi-temporal AWiFS Data
  Description: India is bestowed with the bounty of natural resources including minerals, soils, water and forests. The urban population pressure has led to spatial and hazardous growth of urban centres into peripheral agricultural lands. Such changes in land use/land cover have resulted in a serious environmental degradation, namely soil erosion by water and wind, salinization and/or alkalinization, waterlogging, etc. For ensuring food security, fertile land needs to be prevented from degradation and degraded land may to be brought under cultivation after reclamation. In fact, India needs to produce about 100 million tones of additional food grains by 2020. Towards realizing this goal, an additional 38 million ha of watersheds are targeted to be treated in the rain fed regions during the 11th Five year plan. Information on extent and spatial distribution of agricultural land assumes greater significance in the context of ensuring food security. Traditional methods of reporting Net Sown Area (NSA)
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  Responsible Organisation: NRSC/ISRO
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  Contact Name: Dr Harish Karnatak
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