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  Resource Id: urn:geoss:csr:resource:urn:uuid:d71d0729-96c9-539e-7103-b058d85e88bf
  Name: Central Irminger Sea Mooring
  Abbreviation: CIS
  Description: Multidisciplinary mooring, located in the Central Irminger Sea, Subpolar North Atlantic. The site is located in the centre of the Irminger Gyre, characterized by particular deep winter mixed layer depth. The mixed layer deepening is promoted through the combination of the cyclonic circulation of the Irminger gyre and strong surface buoyancy forcing in winter. Focus of the interdisciplinary research is on the biogeochemical cycling in a potential deep water formtion area. The physical background field (Temperature, Salinity, Currents) of the upper 1500m is surveyed with a number of sensors. Moreover, biogeochemical sensors (O2, Chl-a, zooplankton) is measured in mixed layer. The site area is shared with the LOCO mooring established by the NIOZ in 2002. The sampling and logistics of the moorings is coordinated with the NACLIM project. The site is close to the OOI global node and supports the FixO3 network. It is an OceanSITES site.
  GEO Member or Participating Organisation :
GCOS : Global Climate Observing System
GOOS : Global Ocean Observing System
  Responsible Organisation: GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel
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  Contact Name: Johannes Karstensen
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  GEOSS - Earth Observation Vocabulary, version 1.0 : OCEANS : OCEAN CIRCULATION : Currents
  GEOSS - Earth Observation Vocabulary, version 1.0 : OCEANS : SALINITY/DENSITY
  GEOSS - Earth Observation Vocabulary, version 1.0 : OCEANS : OCEAN CHEMISTRY : Chlorophyll
  GEOSS - Earth Observation Vocabulary, version 1.0 : OCEANS : OCEAN TEMPERATURE : Sea Surface Temperature
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