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  Resource Id: urn:geoss:csr:resource:urn:uuid:d484b082-45e9-4837-985d-ccb5f207f6ee
  Name: European Chemical Weather Forecasting Portal
  Abbreviation: ECheWeFoP
  Description: The portal provides with a single access point to a substantial number of available European chemical weather forecasting systems and their numerical forecasts; The portal aims at an improved usage of the available European chemical weather forecasting information. With the aid of the ECWFP, it is possible to find out which services are available for a specific domain, for specific source categories or for specific pollutants. It provides with functions for obtaining relevant supplementary information, e.g., using the Model Documentation System of the European Environmental Agency. It also makes it feasible to inter-compare the characteristics of the various available forecasting systems. Future developments will include the unique application of chemical weather image fetching, harmonization, comparison and combination, with the aid of reverence engineering, image processing methods.
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  Responsible Organisation: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
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  Contact Name: Kostas Karatzas
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