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GEOSS Resource Details
Resource Basic Information
  Resource Id: urn:geoss:csr:resource:urn:uuid:6520bb9d-b698-4488-b785-fc7818b73212
  Name: ISRIC-WDC-Soils (at ISRIC - World Soil Information)
  Abbreviation: ISRIC-WDC-Soils
  Description: The World Data Centre for Soils (WDC-Soils), hosted by ISRIC World Soil Information since 1989, is a regular member (i.e., node that deals directly with data curation and data analysis services) of the ICSU World Data System. The WDC-Soils collates, maintains and analyzes soil-related collections and also provides information services as custodian of global soil information. Holdings from the WDC-Soils repository can be accessed, in accordance with the access categories agreed with the data providers [], using a range of web facilities and services that provide access to the data, documentation and project-related webpages. All datasets can be accessed freely through our Soil Data Hub (GeoNetwork catalogue, GN3).
  GEO Member or Participating Organisation :
WDS: World Data System
  Responsible Organisation: ISRIC - World Soil Information (WDC - Soils)
  Resource Information URL:
  Resource Interface URL:
Resource Contact Information
  Contact Name: Niels H. Batjes
  Contact Email:
Resource Category
Societal Benefit Areas
Resource Status
GEOSS Data Core
  GEOSS DataCore
Ontology Reference
  Soil Moisture
  Soil Composition
  Soil Type
  Soil Carbon
  Soil Thickness
Standard Classification
Standard Supportive
  File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Version 2.1, IETF RFC 959, October 1985
  OGC Web Feature Service 1.0
  GeoNetwork Catalog Interface - Status: PENDING
  Directory Interchange Format (DIF)
  Geographic information - Data product specification
  ISO 19131:2007
  Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.1
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