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Resource Basic Information
  Resource Id: urn:geoss:csr:resource:urn:uuid:27ee8012-a37d-e660-1a4d-e34c591de1d3
  Name: Basin Scale Hydrological Tool
  Abbreviation: BASHYT
  Description: BASHYT ( is a Java development framework, compliant with OGC specifications, especially optimised to design GIS oriented web applications and for data management, manipulation, query and visualization. The software exposes a web interface to the hydrological SWAT model and the GETM ocean circulation model to support the wise management of water resources. SWAT is a public domain river basin scale model developed to quantify the impact of land management practices in large, complex watersheds. GETM (General Estuarine Transport Model) is a 3D numerical ocean model simulating the most important hydrodynamic and thermodynamic processes. Developers of web applications can exploit modules for temporal and spatial (graph, GIS, etc.) analysis that support the dynamic report production mechanism. Our aim is to build an experimental programming platform to run real-time applications based on environmental numerical solvers, run pre- and post-processing , query and map results through the web.
  GEO Member or Participating Organisation :
  Responsible Organisation: CRS4 (center for advanced study and research in Sardinia)
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GEOSS Data Core
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Ontology Reference
  Soil Moisture
  Nutrients (Phosphorous, Nitrogen, Potassium, Nitrates,Sulfates)
  Water run-off
  Water Quality & Composition, pH and salinity, Dissolved Oxygen Content
Standard Classification
  OpenGIS Web Map Service (WMS) 1.3 Implementation Specification
  OpenGIS Web Feature Service (WFS) 1.1 Implementation Specification
Standard Supportive
  OGC KML Version 2.2
  ESRI shapefile
  OGC Geography Markup Language (GML) 3.1.1
  NetCDF Network Common Data Form
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