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  Resource Id: urn:geoss:csr:resource:urn:uuid:1ce198be-cbb4-455e-810a-91edab05f3f7
  Name: WTF-CEOP (WGISS Test Facility - Coordinated Enhanced Observing Period) JAXA Prototype System
  Abbreviation: WTF-CEOP JAXA prototype system
  Description: The purpose of this system is to provide access to the CEOP in-situ, MOLTS, satellite, and numerical weather model output data for the CEOP user community. The following data can be accessed via this system: In-situ data from 35 Reference Sites globally, Time series of model output data at the same 35 Reference Sites, Satellite data from JAXA, NASA, ESA, and EUMETSAT also over teh same 35 Reference Sites, and Global gridded model output data from 10 agencies around the world. (since March 2008). This dataset has been generated by a CEOS Member.
  GEO Member or Participating Organisation :
CEOS : Committee on Earth Observation Satellites
  Responsible Organisation: JAXA, CEOP, CEOS
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Resource Contact Information
  Contact Name: Satoko Miura
  Contact Email:
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