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Resource Basic Information
  Resource Id: urn:geoss:csr:resource:urn:uuid:1a83fe04-bf56-49a4-a2e9-88b7a7e1c45f
  Name: Global Geodetic Observing System
  Abbreviation: GGOS
  Description: GGOS is the global observing system of the IAG, its flagship component that advances the use of geodetic observing methods for Earth system and planetary science and applications. GGOS works with the IAG components to provide the geodetic infrastructure necessary for monitoring the Earth system and for global change research. GGOS accomplishes its mission by defining the geodetic infrastructure that is needed to meet scientific and societal requirements, by advocating for the establishment and maintenance of this geodetic infrastructure, by coordinating interaction between the IAG Services, Commissions, and stakeholders, by improving the quality of and accessibility to geodetic observations and products, and by educating the scientific community about the benefits of geodetic research and the public about the fundamental role that geodesy plays in society.
  GEO Member or Participating Organisation :
IAG : International Association of Geodesy
  Responsible Organisation: International Association of Geodesy
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  Contact Name: Hans-Peter Plag
  Contact Email:,
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