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  Resource Id: urn:geoss:csr:resource:urn:uuid:08cc7303-3150-44ea-afca-9dad6d4c0453
  Name: System of Integrated Regional Environmental kNowledge (SIREN) Disaster Response Portal
  Abbreviation: SIREN Disaster Response Portal
  Description: The Northrop Grumman SIREN disaster response community portal presents an information system for collaborative decision making; SIREN is built and operated by Northrop Grumman Corporation as part of its participation in the GEOSS AIP initiative. SIREN incorporates multiple user communities and demonstrates how communities of practice extend information sharing in response to disasters. Scenarios are user driven and use products derived from existing earth observing systems. The enterprise model for this hurricane and flooding scenario depicts an end-to-end approach to executing disaster response management. The power of the SIREN Portal lies in providing standardized services and components so that communities of interest can share a common suite of information to enable informed decision making. Ultimately, the overarching goal of the SIREN Community Portal is to start narrowing the information gap between systems, providers, analysts, and decision-makers.
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United States
  Responsible Organisation: Northrop Grumman Information Systems
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  Contact Name: Gary Fox
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