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GEOSS Resource Details
Resource Basic Information
  Resource Id: urn:geoss:csr:resource:urn:uuid:070fede2-07b8-4642-b32b-8f5a82602b7a
  Name: WMO Information System
  Abbreviation: WIS
  Description: WMO's clearing house for data, products and services are the Global Information System Centres (GISCs) operated by WMO Members as a major component of the WMO Information System (WIS) infrastructure. A GISC?s primary role is to collect from and disseminate information to WIS centres in its area of responsibility and with the global WMO community. GISCs also provide search portals through which information from WMO and other interoperable systems can be discovered and accessed. Each WIS centre is associated with a principal GISC that serves as the centre?s main entry point for distributing and receiving WIS data and metadata by appropriate telecommunication systems, including the GTS. Association between a centre and a GISC is established by bilateral agreement. The WIS centres database contains a list of WIS centres and their associated principal and back-up GISCs. Visit for more information
  GEO Member or Participating Organisation :
WMO : World Meteorological Organization
  Responsible Organisation: WMO
  Resource Information URL:
  Resource Interface URL:
Resource Contact Information
  Contact Name: Timo Proescholdt
  Contact Email:
Resource Category
Societal Benefit Areas
Resource Status
GEOSS Data Core
  GEOSS DataCore
Ontology Reference
  Surface Air Temperature
  Upper Level Temperature
  Surface Albedo
  Sea Ice Surface (Skin) Temperature
  Soil Thaw
  Surface Wind Speed
  Surface Wind Direction
  Upper Level Winds
  Surface Humidity
  Upper Level Humidity
  Aerosol Properties
  Surface Atmospheric Pressure
  Surface Radiation Budget
  Cloud Cover
  Ambient Particulate Matter Concentration (fine)
  Column Particulate Matter Concentration (fine)
  Ambient Particulate Matter (fine) Composition
  Ambient Particulate Matter Composition (coarse)
  Column Particulate Matter Concentration (coarse)
  Global Horizontal Irradiation (GHI)
  Direct Normal Irradiation (DNI)
  Outgoing Longwave Radiation (Top of Atmosphere )
  Cloud Water/Ice Amounts
  Cloud Parameters (Other)
  Ambient Ozone Concentration
  Column Ozone Concentration
  Column Nitrogen Dioxide Concentration
  Ambient Nitrogen Dioxide Concentration
  Ambient Sulfur Dioxide Concentration
  Carbon Dioxide Concentration
  Column Sulfur Dioxide Concentration
  Methane Concentration
  Carbon Dioxide Partial Pressure
  Stratospheric Ozone
  Suspended particulates/turbidity/water attenuation coefficient
  Ambient Volatile Organic Compounds
  Other long-lived GHGs
  Soil Moisture
  Land Surface Temperature
  Glacier/ice Sheet Extent
  Sea Surface Temperature
  Ocean Salinity
  Sea Level
  Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR)
  Fraction of Absorbed Photosynthetically Active Radiation (FAPAR)
  Water Quality & Composition, pH and salinity, Dissolved Oxygen Content
  Stand Density/Height/Volume
  Wave Direction
  Wave Height
  Wave Period
  Glacier/Ice Sheet Depth
  Glacier/Ice Cap Elevation
  Snow Cover Extent
  Snow Water Equivalent (SWE)
  Snow Depth
  Impervious Surface Extent
  Fuel Load/Characteristics
Standard Classification
  OGC Catalogue Service 2.0.1/HTTP-GET-SRU (Z39.50 Binding, SRU Protocol )
  ISO 23950-2003 - Information Retrieval : Application Service Definition and Protocol Specification
  GEONetCast Data Access Service - Status: PENDING
  File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Version 2.1, IETF RFC 959, October 1985
  Global Observing Systems Information Center (GOSIC)
Standard Supportive
  WMO Manual on Codes
  WaterML: An O&M profile for water observation data - Status: PENDING
  GRIB - Status: PENDING
  ISO 19115:2003 Geographic information -- Metadata
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