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  Resource Id: urn:geoss:csr:resource:urn:uuid:04c679b8-dce7-97ef-a36e-80e041c1af56
  Name: Global Freshwater Fluxes into the World Ocean for use within GIS clients
  Abbreviation: Freshwater Fluxes for use in GIS client
  Description: The GRDC re-calculated in 2014 the Global Freshwater Fluxes into the World Oceans based on results from the global hydrological model WaterGAP (Doell et al., 2003) for 0.5 grid cell resolution. The annual freshwater fluxes for the 50 year period 1960 2009 and long-term means for the WMO climate normal periods 1961-1990 and 1971-2000 as well as for the entire period 1960 - 2009 are calculated for land areas associated with the UNEP GIWA Regions (UNEP, 2014) as well as from the 5 cells along the continent's coastlines. Freshwater fluxes calculated per 5 and 10 latitude bands show how much freshwater flows from a specific area into a specific ocean. The Global Freshwater Fluxes into the World Oceans are provided via WMS and WFS. The URLs below may be used to integrate the WMS or WFS endpoints into a GIS Client.
  GEO Member or Participating Organisation :
WMO : World Meteorological Organization
  Responsible Organisation: Federal Institute of Hydrology; Global Runoff Data Centre
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  Contact Name: Ulrich Looser
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GEOSS Data Core
  No Monetary Charge
  GEOSS DataCore
Ontology Reference
  GEOSS - Earth Observation Vocabulary, version 1.0 : TERRESTRIAL HYDROSPHERE
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  OpenGIS Web Feature Service (WFS) 1.1 Implementation Specification
  Open GIS Web Map Service 1.1
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