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  • Russia Barent Map Service

  • A mosaic of northern Canada above the tree line was produced from public domain Landsat ETM+ level L1G bands 3, 4 and 5 ortho-imagery available through the Centre for Topographic Information of Natural Resources Canada. Radiometric normalization was necessary due to different acquisition times among the 446 individual scenes in this mosaic. A highly automated radiometric normalization technique was performed to match scenes to a common radiometric reference consisting of a coarse (1km) apparent reflectance 2000 growing season composite image generated at CCRS from VGT-S01 data from SPOT?s VEGETATION sensor. Normalization involved resampling individual Landsat scenes to 1 km resolution using the VGT point spread function and generating band-specific normalization coefficients between Landsat and VGT using a robust regression technique called Thiel-Sen.

  • Monitoring Atmospheric Composition and Climate - is the current pre-operational atmospheric service of the European GMES programme. MACC provides data records on atmospheric composition for recent years, data for monitoring present conditions and forecasts of the distribution of key constituents for a few days ahead. MACC combines state-of-the-art atmospheric modelling with Earth observation data to provide information services covering European Air Quality, Global Atmospheric Composition, Climate, and UV and Solar Energy.

  • Norway Nature types in agriculture cultural landscapes WMS

  • greatlakebathy WMS from NGDC, NOAA

  • Generic client that allows a low level testing of the SOAP requests and responses for the specific service. This generic SOAP test client supports a login/domain per Service Provider and provides access to the intermediate messages sent and received by the client. It facilitates low level testing of SOAP interfaces by allowing the user to submit SOAP requests and visualise the responses. Performances can be measured through this tool and interfaces can be stress tested. (Based on Oracle BPEL)

  • WMS coordinator: Service that handles server of WMS(1.1.1 or 1.3.0) as tiled SVG Map

  • Proposed protected areas in Norway WMS

  • WMS service for Areas in Norway